Birchwood II

Year of construction:
Length: around 55 m
Sunk: 1918
Min. depth: 12 m
Max. depth: 26 m


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The Birchwood II (Plastic Wreck)

is located in the north of the port of Ras Ghareb in a large bay with three other wrecks. This small, 55-meter-long cargo ship is lying on the starboard side at a max. depth of 26 m. The dive on this wreck starts at only 12 m. The screw is located at 21 meters – and is heading north. The ship is sunken about 1918 and still very well preserved.

Light streams bathe the holds in brightness. The dive through the holds is easy – the bags of the cargo with polyethylene granules float against the hull. At the rear part of the wreck is a still intact Crane, who has served the hold.
If you circled the stern, there are 2 entrance doors, refer to the engine room with stairs leading to the lower levels.
Swarms of young barracuda circle the mast with a lookout, which is still completely intact and equipped with radar and antennas.

In the cab is the still intact rudder and a compass and in the sand you can find a telegraph, which suggests the Dutch origin.

Dozens of slugs can be found on the wreck, different kinds of moray eels look out of their holes, lionfish hovering over the sand in the hunt for small fish. Arab angelfish patrol en masse. Nearly the whole wreck is populated with anemones, sponges and small crustaceans.

Own experience:

At the first dive early in the morning the view was a bit hazy – without any current.
At the 2nd dive at lunchtime, with a slight current, the visibility was better.
The 3rd dive in the late afternoon brought all its fish diversity to the fore.
Some small fishing net remains are hanging isolated on the wreck.

The growth is just overwhelming. All fish species cavort around in giant swarms in and around the wreck. I’ve never seen so many Arab angelfish. The “Leader couple” of the Arab angelfish accompanied us throughout the whole dive long and looked exactly what we supposed to do.