ENOS® – Electronic Rescue and Locating System



ENOS® is an Electronic Rescue- and Locating System for locating and rescueing divers on the surface.

It is worldwide the one and only GPS supported rescue system which relays the GPSposition of diver(s) in need  directly to the dive boat/liveaboard.






Time and again it happens that divers are coming up to the surface too far away from the dive boat. Too far, for swimming back.
Due to strong current the divers drifted far away into the open water and something they can easily overlook. Large-scale search operations are theresult, not all end successfully.
To give signals in this dangerous situation and to become rescued, the ENOS®-System was developed.



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Because we are so confident in this system, we have equipped all our boats with ENOS already 4 years ago. It works fast and the emergency call must not run through various official offices – so we can locate our divers after 30 seconds.



Seawolf Diving Safari offers diving with ENOS as a safety feature, of course FREE!

Is the ENOS-System not available, because of technical problems, there is no refund.


For your own safety – Diving with ENOS


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