Around your safari in Egypt

Check in and check out on the boat

The information from the passports should be present in the office of Seawolf Diving, one week before departure.
The following declarations are required:
family name, first name, nationality, passport number, flight number, time of arrival and departure, and copy of the passport.
Make sure that the passport is valid for at least 6 months.
In case of unforeseen circumstances, we are not responsible or liable if there are any delays of the departure.

Safaris to Brother Islands – Hurghada or Marsa Ghaleb
Safaris to Marine-Park-Tours – Hurghada or Marsa Ghaleb
Safaris to South-, Deep South / St. John`s Tours - Marsa Ghaleb
Safaris to North-Tours – Hurghada

The tour leader of Seawolf Diving Safari will welcome you with a sign of Seawolf. He will take care of your visa (stamp) that will be pasted in your passport. After the check of the entry authority, you will go to the luggage claim.
After you get your luggage, he will bring you to an air conditioned bus and you will go to the boat or to the diving centre of Seawolf. If the transfer to the boat will leave in the evening, you can start your holiday with a sun bath, swimming or just relaxing on the beach of the Diving Centre.

Time for Transfer:

Airport Hurghada - Marsa Ghalib around 3 hrs.

Airport Marsa Alam - Marsa Ghalib around 10 min.

It goes without saying that we need time to load the boats, to clean and do small maintenance. We ask for your cooperation on arrival day that check in can not be before 06:00 p.m. and the check out 10:00 a.m. at the latest. If you check in before 06:00 p.m., please have consideration for the crew if they are still cleaning or loading the boat. Because of organizational or technical reasons, perhaps you will have to stay in a hotel for the last night as our guest.

In the afternoon one day before departure, the boat will enter the harbour. The luggage will be brought from the storage to prepare all your personal things. The details for the return journey will be given to you from the staff of Seawolf Diving Safari.

On board

As soon as you arrive at the landing place you will go on board. There you have to take off your shoes for the whole stay on board (don't forget warm socks or sailing shoes). After this you can put your dive equipment in your dive box and put away the rest of your luggage in the cabin. The crew will store the empty suitcases until your departure. One small and one big bath towel is available in all cabins. Both will be changed once in the middle of the safari. During the cold season there is also a bathing robe for each customer. In the evening your responsible and personal tour guide will make a briefing about the boat, safety, diving, and give you general information.

To enter the salon or the cabins with dive equipment is prohibited, please don't wear wet swimming clothes in the salon.

Each cabin has portholes. Please make sure that they are closed during travelling. Objects of value, for example computer, cameras, or mobile phones please secure in the cupboard, that there is no damage in case of water ingress. In Egypt there is no appropriate insurance, so there will be no refund.

In case you want to sleep on deck, you should bring a sleeping bag and earflaps with you. It is not allowed to bring mattresses out of the cabin, but you can use a mattress on the sun deck.

Please don't throw toilet paper or any other sanitary rubbish into the toilet. Use the basket beside because the toilet can be stopped up. To fix it during the safari is most of time not possible and you will be disturbed by the dirt and bad smell. Also the paper that is drifting on the reefs disturbs the pleasure of diving. Please use sparingly soap and shower gel because the waste water goes directly in the sea. In some shops you can find already biodegradable products.

There is no smoking in the salon, in the cabins and on the dive deck. Please use the available ash-trays and don't throw the stub over board.

There are 3 meals per day served as buffet while on board. The breakfast usually consists of bread, toast, pancakes, jam, honey, and yogurt, different variations of eggs, Nescafe and tea. For the main meal, chicken, beef or fish will be served as well as garnishing rice, noodles, potatoes and different kind of vegetables and salads. For dessert we offer pudding, cakes or fruits. During the safari there is Nescafe, tea, water, Cola, Sprite and juices available free of charge. Not included are alcoholic liquors and drinks in cans. The catering starts with the dinner on the first day and ends with the breakfast on the last day.
It is not allowed to bring own beer to the boat, but there is enough beer and wine available on board.

On board you will find only reduced medicine. Please bring your own small first aid with you. Make sure that the medication is compatible for diving. Every customer must have a travel insurance, we should know the company and the insurance-no. before arrival. If you don’t have an insurance yet, you can do this on our homepage (Aquamed - Button here on the left side).


We need from each diver an actual diving brevet, logbook and, if possible, a medical statement (maximum 1 year old).

On the boat you will choose your own dive requirement. If you are an early riser, you have the possibility for an Early Morning Dive. After common breakfast you will start to the famous drop off reefs in the Red Sea and to reefs which are really secret. In the afternoon there are wrecks on the order of the day as well as glamorous labyrinths, mysterious caves, and magnificent underwater gardens. If this is not enough, you can end the day in a cozy night dive. On all SeaWolf Boats the care on board and under water is followed by a professional tour guide. All of them have had knowledge of the Red Sea for many years and know the reefs very well. Detailed briefings from the guide makes it possible to discover the dive sites independent with only your dive buddy.

For diving we have 12 liter aluminium tanks with DIN valves (INT adapters are available) and also enough lead. All other equipment you have to bring with you. For the suits there are dress-hangers. The BCD will be fixed on the tank during the safari. A diver with lesser dives will be diving in a small group, with experienced divers, or the dive guide.

Brother Islands and Marine Park Tour

For the underwater national park (Brother Islands, Daedalus, Rocky Island, and Zabargad) there are 50 logged dives required. Night dives are generally not allowed. As well you can NOT step on to the Island Zabargad and Rocky Island as it is prohibited. The national park fee for Brother Islands is 50 Euro and for the Marine Park Tour 80 Euro. The fee will be collected on board your boat from the dive guide.

Decompression dives are prohibited on principle and the max. diving depth is 40 meter. For emergency, there are two 50 litre tanks with oxygen, accessories, and medic first aid equipment. We recommend you sign a special insurance that includes the rescue, costs for Decompression Chamber, and the transportation to your home. On board you can make a deco insurance which costs 10 Euro.

On the boats of Seawolf Diving Safari Red Sea, it`s possible to dive Nitrox 32 with 12 liter tanks. For Nitrox 32 you don't need special equipment. Nitrox diver should bring their own analyser. One analyser is on board.
During the trip you can have Nitrox education. Please book it before. If the Nitrox Compressor is not available, because of technical problems, there is no refund.

On all boats there is usually one complete spare equipment available. You cannot buy spare parts during the safari so please bring corresponding spare parts like straps for fins and o-rings for your regulator with you.
Required for each diver is: Diving computer or depth gauge and watch, a signal buoy as well as a diving lamp. The regulator must have an alternate air source. You can rent dive equipment, torches, and computer if you order it before. Because these things have no insurance you are responsible for loss or damage.
The amount for the rent: Equipment: 130 Euro per week, lamp: 30 Euro per week, computer: 35 Euro per week, 15-l-tank (alu or steel): 40 Euro per week, underwater camera Sealife Micro 2.0./64GB with flash
99 Euro per week.

For the underwater national park (Brother Islands, Daedalus, Rocky Island, and Zabargad) there are 50 logged dives required. Night dives are generally not allowed. As well you can NOT step on to the Island Zabargad and Rocky Island as it is prohibited.

On board of Seawolf-fleet you can do
- Pro NRC Nitrox Course: 130 Euro incl. book, table and certifikation
- PADI AOWD-course: 130 Euro, plus 60 euros for the AOWD book and certification.

General Information

Apart from the winter months (December, January, February) it is warm and dry. During the winter period it is necessary most of time to have a pullover or windcheater - don't forget the ear flaps. The lowest water temperature is 19 degrees centigrade (February)and the highest sometimes 30 degrees centigrade (August, September)

1. Hunting, fishing, collection or breaking off corals is forbidden
2. To throw things like for example rubbish, oil, grease and so on
is forbidden.
3. There is a generally ban on anchoring in protected territories.
4. Feeding fishes and birds is forbidden.
5. To wear gloves is forbidden.
6. Walking on the corals and reefs is forbidden.

In case of ignorance there is high fine or even arrest possible.

The crew on the boat is speaking English in part and our dive guides usually German and English.

We offer on all of our boats Internet-Connection for free. The connection is dependent of the telephone-net.

It is possible to pay cash in Euro, $ or Egyptian Pounds. We don't accept credit cards.

Additional charges per person, payable on board includes:

Diving permit, taxes, port fees, transfers, entry visa, diesel surcharge and
marine park - fee.

130,00  North Wrecks, North incl. Tiran
140,00  North wrecks incl. SS Turkia
160,00  Red Sea Classic, Fury Shoals, Deep South / St. Johns
170,00  Abu Fendera 1 week,  Fury Shoals, Deep South / St. Johns
€ 200,00  Abu Fendera 10/11 days
190,00  Brother Islands Elphinstone, Northern Brothers Elphinstone
€ 200,00  North Brother Islands Elphinstone,
€ 225,00  Marine Park North (Brothers-Daedalus-Elphinstone)
€ 225,00  Marine Park South (Daedalus-Zabargad-Rocky Island)
€ 225,00  Marine Park South Classic (Zabargad-Rocky Island-St.Johns)
240,00  Red Sea Highlight 2 weeks

Beer and wine
Tips for crew

To avoid discussions about the amount of the tips there, is the following recommendation. If you are pleased with the service and the crew, the tip should be 40 Euro per week and do not forget your dive-guide.

As like in all Arabic countries, the hospitality has a high priority and that's why all visitors are expected that they follow and respect the rules of an Arabic country.
With consideration of local population, it is not allowed to lay topless on the sun deck or walk around undressed.