Rosalie Moller at Gubal Island

Nationality: Greece
Type: Freighter
Year of construction: 1910
Tonnage: 3963 GRT
Sunk: 6. October 1941
Position: Street of Gubal
GPS-position: N27°39,054 / 33°46,296
min. depth: 28 m
max. depth: 50 m

TGRosalie Moller

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The Rosalie Moller was probably

sunken on 6. October 1941 by a German HE-111 bomber. It was the same night, in which the Thistlegorm was also sunken at Shaab Ali. On this night the Rosalie Moller was anchored in an approx. 50m deep sea bay before Gubal and Tawila.


Because of the mainly prevailing north current,

she laid almost exactly with the bow northwards, in line with the port anchor. The attack must have come all of a sudden at the unarmed coal freighter.


A bomb hit

on the starboard side at the height of the rear hold, which let the ship sink fast. Today the Rosalie Moller stands upright in a north-south direction on the keel, which lies in 50m on a firm sandy ground.


The Rosalie Moller is an unique experience,

even if the visibility at the wreck is often very bad (the upper deck lies at 30m), not only due to the depth at which it lies (for conditions in the Red Sea).


This dive is unsuitable

for beginners, as each dive reaches the Deco-limits and as the end of the dive is at the rope, this can be hard due to the often dominant swell and current, it’s a real exercise of one’s condition.


During many dives,

the Rosalie can be discovered in its true beauty.

The exploration can be divided into the following areas:
1. Outside the hull with rudder blade, screw, anchor etc.,
2. The ship from the inside with holds and engine room,
3. Constructional systems inside and
4. Upper deck and decks constructional systems.