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Shaab Loka


Loka is a small island and a previously untouched diving spot.


At Shaab Loka you will find a gently sloping slope from the island. A container ship stranded here about 50 years ago and has been rotting away ever since. The reef is fantastic covered with all kinds of corals and an incredible variety of scurrying fish.
Loka - North
The dive starts at the northern corner of Loka Island - walls and infinite depths.
A beautiful balcony platform can be found along the wall. It is not very large, approx. 50 x 25 m, with a huge block of coral, which in turn is surrounded by barracudas. The entire platform is littered with so many fish that you can only guess at the corals.

Популярные места

  • Hammerhead sharks in an innumerable large school stay here and disappear as quickly as they appeared. They repeat this to the delight of all divers.
  • Loka continues to provide a home for silky sharks, turtles, stingrays and white tip reef sharks.