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From the anchorage you take the zodiac to the northern point and let yourself fall into the water, or rather into the aquarium. The depth near the reef wall is 6m, you dive in the current shadow, the sunlight illuminates the reef in all colors and the diver is surrounded by many many fish.


Slowly you gain depth and dive right shoulder along the reef. Encounters with white tip reef sharks can occur here.
The reef falls gently and without current you can dive around the many blocks. A wide variety of hard corals, beautiful intact table corals, beautiful vegetation and lively Red Sea dwellers will surprise every diver. Shortly before the anchorage you see a block that looks like a giant mushroom. This block is covered with beautiful soft corals that light up in violet, white and blue tones. It is worth taking a close look so that the small flatworms can be discovered from the variety of colors in the vegetation. A large barracuda school also crosses the path here and the astonishment of the robbers is that the diver can approach within a few centimeters. A big Napoleon is more likely to get to safety. Under the boat, you dive on the reef wall at a depth of 5m or stay under the boat and spend the remaining time in a swarm of black-dotted sweet lips.

The second option would be to jump off the boat and dive left shoulder north along the reef. Dive over the large block (mushroom) and start the return journey at 100 bar and end the right shoulder dive back to the boat back south.

Популярные места

  • Gota Shambaia is a very nice dive site to enjoy and discover, with a wide variety of fauna and flora.