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  • Nationality: French
  • Type: Steamboat
  • Year of construction: 1911
  • Tonnage: 1428 GRT
  • Sunk: 1957
  • Position: Big Brother Island
  • min. depth: 25 m
  • max. depth: 60 m


The Aida was propelled by a 3-cylinder-maschine and reached a speed of 9 knots. It was 75.10 m long, 9.70 m wide and had a depth of 7,00 m.


Originally, it was meant for the Egyptian port and lighthouse administration, and however, it was used later for ferry and supply work in Egyptian ports.
At the southeast coast of Big Brother Island, where Egyptian soldiers were always stationed for two months, the Aida was supposed to provide the supplies for the soldiers. It had fresh water, food and the next “watch” on board.

On the 15. September 1957 in a heavy storm, and despite several warnings, the captain decided to drive and tried to fasten to Big Brother. It struck to the reef. The Aida began to sink rapidly and the captain did not have any other choice, but to leave than the ship with his crew and give it up. A life raft was still able to be discharged, and all 77 sailors were taken safely on board, before the Aida sank, and set them down on Big Brother.

The dive is an unusual dive, it doesn’t matter how experienced a diver you are. It will surprise you, how a ship can sink onto the sloping reef edge in such a way that it looks as if it’s been parked. Since the ship contains no more cargo, it is assumed that this slipped off by the wreck and lies now in deeper regions. The same as, the AIDA stands straight up on the sloping reef edge, the highest point at 25 m, the propeller at 57 m. Apart from the collision with the reef the ship is still perfectly intact.
For more than 40 years now
it stands there and becomes ever more a part of the reef. Covered in coral. With increasing depth you will find a variety of all sorts of corals and soft corals. Within the upper area, these appear by daylight in a multiplicity of colours, and leave a unique impression. With regards to fish, beside the entire range of the usual fish, large tuna can very often be found.

Популярные места

  • The inner life, which is made of wood, has decayed and there are many cabins to explore. Once in the wreck, you are protecte from the current and can do an unforgettable dive. Outside of the wreck is often a strong current, and for this reason, only experienced divers should dive here !
  • The AIDA has not been masacred and therefore, even the propeller is still in it’s place. At a depth of 56-58 m. you´ll make discoveries. Whoever wants to go to these depths: don’t forget the deco-calculation and sufficient air supply must be coordinated and for this you need the required know-how in the deep diving !