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Logan Reef


On the north side of the Logan reef there is a sandy plateau at 30 meters, which is surrounded on its outer edge by a coral belt that extends to the surface.


On a detour into the blue water you can meet individual specimens or even schools of hammerheads and gray reef sharks. After returning to the plateau, continue the dive with the reef on the right.
We are now on the eastern ridge of the reef, swimming through clouds of fish who are absolutely indifferent to our presence. At the bottom at a depth of 45 meters there is a series of small plateaus that are richly overgrown with soft corals and gorgonians. Here you will also find different types of reef fish and schools with large buffalo-head parrot fish nibbling on corals.

Популярные места

  • Distance to the coast: 42 miles
  • Depth: 15-45 m
  • Best diving time: morning and noon
  • Current: medium
  • View: good
  • Big fish: gray reef sharks, barracudas, mackerel, buffalo-head parrot fish
  • No night dives possible
  • Snorkeling possible at the anchorage