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Abu Nuhas / Ghiannis

  • Nationality: Greece
  • Type: Freighter
  • Year of construction: 1969
  • Tonnage: 2900 GRT
  • Sunk: 19. April 1984
  • Position: North side of Abu Nuhas
  • min. depth: 10 m
  • max. depth: 27 m
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The Ghiannis D. was a large modern freighter. The ship was 99 m long and was powered by 2 engines with 2 propellers. She was on her way from Rijeka to AI-Hudayda, at the southern end of the Red Sea, on 19.04.1984. She ran aground with her bow on the reef and stayed there half-floating for six weeks before the force of the sea smashed her in two.


For a long time the front half, which had run up on the reef, remained stationary and indicated the place of the accident, then it too sank and lay down on the port side.
The aft half of the wreck lies somewhat inclined on the port side. Above the front of the quarterdeck rises the smokestack with the large letters "D". The "D" stands for the name of the shipping company: Danae.

In front of the chimney is the bridge deck, behind it other spaces, a huge winch, the bollards, the intact railing, and even the frame that used to support a large awning was not damaged in the sinking.

At the base of the funnel are narrow portholes leading into the engine room. The engines are an impressive sight with their long rows of cam arms, valves and pipes.

The middle section of the ship resembles a junkyard, as iron girders are bent and torn, and the sides lie collapsed on the seabed. This area of the wreck is teeming with crocodile fish, scorpion fish and parrot fish. Some groupers have also made their home here.


  • The bow, on the other hand, is still intact. The large mast is still in place, but is now parallel to the seabed. In calm seas you can make wonderful dives here and even beginners can dive this site.