Dive Site

Umm Hal Hal


The dive site Umm Hal Hal is approximately 400 meters southeast of the Middle Reef. Two Ergs (coral blocks) stand on the edge of a plateau. They reach up to 3 m below the surface and therefore do not provide protection against wind and waves. Therefor comes the name from the fishermen: Hal Hal what means "rough seas".


On the inside (west) the plateau is 16 m deep, while on the outside it drops to 22 - 24 m. About 80 m further east begins in 30 meters a steep wall, which is interrupted by overhangs. Hal-Hal is also known as Shaab Kweiss (Beautiful reef), but you could call any reef in the Red Sea like this, when the captain doesn`t know the name.
If you are lucky enough to be able to make this dive, you will be rewarded with a colorful, living reef.
It seems as if the fish never sleep - they move continuously in the struggle between eating and being eaten. Since the dive site is quite small, you can go around the Ergs at different depths for several times.
By getting to the drop off and looking for big fish, you should be good in the air consumption and have a good sense of direction.
The reef boasts with its soft corals and sea fans and with some isolated table corals.
Concerning the fish fauna, we find here the usual reef fish - these however in masses. Leopard groupers, turtles, mullet, scrawled filefish, longnose unicorn fish and white tip reef sharks, just to name a few.
At the upper edge of the Erg red mouth grouper are hunting lyretail anthias and not as usual glass fish. A school of bannerfish is searching for protection close to the reef.
At the drop of one can see snapper schools, schools of unicorn fish and small tunas, occasionally big tuna and, dependent on the season, a huge mackerel school.