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Shaab Suedi


The 7 mile long reef complex runs parallel to the coast.


At the north end the wreck of the "Blue Belt", which sank in 1977, was lying on the outside of the reef. The cargo of the ship was passenger cars and trucks of the brand "Toyota", hence the name "Toyota wreck ". It was on the way from Jeddah to Port Sudan - the cause of the sinking has not been clarified until now.

Unfortunately, the Blue Belt has slipped off the reef in the summer of 2013 and cannot be dived since this time. The spot where the wreck was such a long time, is identified by cargo remnants on the reef. Nevertheless, a dive in the area is worthwhile. At a depth of 5 - 40 m the reef is offering an incredible variety of colors of coral, large Napoleons and Mantas are at home here. If you dive towards the north, you can reach a beautiful coral garden with hundreds of table corals in all sizes and colors.


  • Napoleons and Mantas