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Abu Galawa Soraya


A genial overgrown old yacht, coral blocks and canyon, many different reef fish, all in pleasant depths between seven and 21 meters. "Abu Galawa Soraya" has much to offer and the boats can moor at already set anchor lines.


A sailing yacht from the USA sank at "Abu Galawa Soraya" in 1980 and has since been colonized by very many soft and hard corals. An incredible sight in 17 meters depth on a length of 15 meters. But not only the great overgrown wreck convinces here.
Horned pike, blue spotted stingrays, red sea anthias, red sea fusiliers and free swimming giant moray eels can be discovered with a little luck. What will please many - "Abu Galawa Soraya" is also suitable for a night dive and what better way to see the various wreck dwellers than at night!
Equipped with light we can see inside the wreck also during the day the many glass fish that have long made the yacht their own. Also on the sandy bottom many surprises are waiting between the coral towers and blocks.


  • Sunken sailing yacht: It is small, but great vegetation, numerous inhabited and we find it in the southwest.

map Dive Plans


From the mooring we dive to the wreck to visit this attraction first thing. We continue with the reef on our right shoulder until we reach a sandy strait. It leads us into the large lagoon like area. Here we can have some fun until we return to the boat heading southwest.

Night dive

As already mentioned, "Abu Galawa Soraya" is also suitable for a night dive. Since the wreck is very close to the mooring, we start from the boat, explore the reef wall and the sailing yacht, discover all kinds of nocturnal marine life and then dive back to the ship.