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Gota Eden

  • Current: N/W in the morning, N/E at midday, N/E in the afternoon
  • Visibility: J, F, M, A: 25–35 m; M, J, J, A: 30–40 m; S, O, N, D: 40–50 m
  • Temperatures: J, F, M: 24–25°C; A, M, J: 26–28°C; J, A, S: 28–32°C; O, N, D: 28–24°C
  • Difficulty: 1 star
  • Depth: 100 m


The Garden of Eden (otherwise known as 'paradise') really does exist – and just because we're nice, we'll also let you know where it can be found: only half an hour west of Abu Basala. An insiders' tip which lives up to its name and is also perfect for night dives.


A plateau featuring small caves, myriads of colourful fish, a garden boasting porites, fire coral and acropora, green sponges, sea whips – the Eden Reef is a stunning diving spot that will make our hearts beat faster and erase the term 'everyday worries' from our vocabulary.

Those who choose to dive in this paradise will encounter a slightly horseshoe-shaped reef measuring approx. 160 metres in length and 90 metres in width. At the end of the reef, you'll be left breathless, as you dive steeply down a 100-metre descent.


  • Blocks: A summit ascent is what it's all about in the southern part: multiple blocks – four of which reach right up to the water's surface and measure six to eight metres in height – are found here. Take out your underwater camera here: humphead parrotfish and batfish strike poses in this area as if they're on the catwalks of 'Egypt's Next Top Model'. Encounters with eagle rays in the sandy lagoons round off the Eden Reef's portfolio.

map Dive Plans

Drop off and coral garden

To the east, the Zodiac takes you into diving fun and the current does the rest to let us drift a little further south. Soon we will reach the indescribably beautiful coral garden that gave the reef its name. There is some adrenaline at the reef edge, where it goes over 100 meters down into the depths of the sea.

Blocks and lagoon

Bat and buffalo head parrot fish are waiting for us around the famous blocks of the "Eden Reef", which we dive best from the boat. The sandy lagoon is home to some eagle rays - an indescribable experience floating with these majestic creatures. We should pay particular attention to the small caves at the edge of the main reef, from which young reef sharks peek curiously from time to time.

Night dive

A very special highlight on the "Eden Reef" are the night dives. Of course we need a little courage to move away from the boat, but we are rewarded with the sight of spider crabs, feather stars and Spanish dancers. The perfect introduction to an unforgettable night!