Dive Site

Carless Reef


Carless Reef is a very well known dive site that can be done either on the classic reef at 20 metres or along the less visited east wall that goes down to 70 metres.


The reef consists of two prominent pinnacles ( madrepores pinnacles) that stand on a plateau. The two pinnacles are easily visible thanks to the crystalline water in this little protected place.
The dive is often not doable because of the lack of protection for the boats.
The dive site is famous mainly because of the giant moray eels that live here and like to come out of their caves.


  • The plateau is easy to explore. There are rich coral formations to admire, with which the pillars are covered. Among them are mainly fire corals, hard and soft corals, of various types. On the bottom, apart from the already mentioned moray eels, there are many species of fish: Mask butterfly fish and banner fish, which gather in unusually numerous schools among the soft corals.
  • The variety of small and large fish of the reef is enriched by passing pelagic fish species: among them mainly silvertip sharks and schools of mackerel.