Dive Site

Carless Reef


Carless Reef is one of the best known Hurghada dive sites, that can take place on the classic 20 meter deep reef or, less frequently, on the eastern wall which drops to 70 meters depth.


The reef is composed of two semi-exposed coral towers that reach 3-5 meters depth. They are clearly visible in the transparent water of this unprotected area that in some weather conditions make the mooring impossible.


  • Its notoriety comes mostly from the giant morays that inhabit this zone, often swimming freely out of their dens. If not disturbed they are not dangerous.
  • This area can be easily explored admiring the richness of soft corals, hard corals and gorgonians covering the towers.
  • Different kinds of table corals grow abundantly on this reef.
  • On the bottom, as well as the giant morays, many reef fish: Butterfly fish and Red Sea bannerfish gather in unusually large groups among soft corals where puffer fish can also be met.
  • This richness of middle sized fish often also attracts pelagic fish, generally white tip reef sharks and mackerels.