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Qab Miyum


Qab Miyum belongs to the South Sawakin Group


The boat is parked on the north-western part of this reef and the zodiac takes you to the south-east side.
Here, the usually very strong current must be checked and you start the dive with the reef on the right side.
If the current is extremely strong, you hook the reef hook close to the reef above the first plateau. With less current, you can drift to the end of the plateau in 25 - 30 meters and hook yourself in there. From there you have a view of the 2nd plateau, which gently drops to 45 meters. No matter which variant you choose, the current attracts all big fish and hunters.


  • Schools of large barracudas, hammerheads, whitetip reef sharks, buffalo-head parrotfish and long-nose tufted perch are not uncommon here.