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Abu Nuhas / Chrisoula

  • Nationality: Greece
  • Type: Freighter
  • Year of construction: 1954
  • Tonnage: 3700 GRT
  • Sunk: September 1981
  • Position: North side of Abu Nuhas
  • min. depth: 18 m
  • max. depth: 25 m
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The Chrisoula K. was launched in 1954 under the name Dora Oldendorff in Lübeck Travemünde/Germany. The ship was named after the daughter of the owner of the shipping company. The freighter had an overall length of 101 meters and a beam of 15 meters. A 2 stroke MAN diesel with 2,700 hp accelerated the 3,807 gross ton ship to its maximum speed of 13.5 knots. The Chrisoula K. was en route from Italy to the Saudi Arabian port of Jeddah.


After several previous owners, she finally changed to the shipping company Clarion Marine and was given the name Chrisoula K. Under this name she also made her last voyage, which took her to the area of the Abu Nuhas reef in the Red Sea on August 30, 1981 with a cargo of cheap Italian floor tiles.
Due to a navigational error by the captain, the ship ran aground on the reef during the night of August 30 and sank.
Today the wreck lies in an optimal position for divers at a depth between 5 meters and a maximum of 25 meters.
The ship is in a slight inclination, the middle part is heavily damaged by the impact.


  • One of the absolute highlights of this wreck is the storage room, where you can still find the former cargo neatly arranged. Another photo opportunity is offered by the imposing propeller with a diameter of about 4 meters or a toilet bowl, which stands next to the wreck in the sandy bottom.
  • Due to the moderate current and shallow depth, excursions into the interior of the wreck are also recommended, where you can still find the open electric stove in the kitchen.
  • In the cabins you can discover bathrooms with sanitary facilities, the engine room is difficult to access but worth a trip, because in an adjacent room is the former workshop, where you can still find individual tools in the stores and on the floor.