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Panorama Reef


Welcome to Panorama, Safaga's most famous reef, a drop-off in the open sea with a plateau to the north and south. The current is usually quite strong here. We have a good chance of seeing big fish here!


The east and west sides of Panorama Reef drop off steeply, but to the north and south we find very interesting plateaus with lots of life and, how could it be otherwise, a panorama of a special kind. We see nose doctor fish, barracudas, fathead mackerels, moray eels, crocodile fish, eagle rays, napoleons and turtles.
Great mountain corals, large table corals and thousands of anthias can be found on the northern plateau of Panorama Reef. The current is 95 per cent from the north, which means it's often quite "stormy" here. The southern plateau is more protected, starting at a depth of 18 metres and slowly dropping to 30 metres. Here, huge gorgonians grow above the chimney. A large anemone field is just as much a part of it as the almost obligatory sighting of stonefish.


  • Anemone field: On the southern plateau we are treated to an anemone field, where many clown and damsel fish feel at home.

map Dive Plans

Drift dive

We start with the Zodiac at the northern plateau and explore it first. There are always some surprises hiding under the table corals. Continue along the east or west side towards the south. Maybe just dive along the side that feels "right". There should already be enough current, otherwise the way could become too long. When we reach the south plateau, visit the anemone field. Happy and satisfied we surface at the boat.

The south

We dive from the boat and immediately find ourselves at the southern plateau, which is protected from the current. Here we explore the huge gorgonians at a depth of 30 meters. The coral splendor will amaze us, we also take a look into the blue water again and again to see maybe big fish and in any case look past the anemone field before we surface again.