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Abu Kafan


If you love Elphinstone, you will be delighted to hear that there is a diving spot in the Red Sea, which is similar to this reef - Abu Kafan. An elongated outer reef approx. one and a half to two hours away from Safaga, with a plateau to the north and an erg to the south. Roughly translated, Abu Kafan means 'The Deep One'.


As an outer reef, Abu Kafan is of course completely at the mercy of the current, but it is exactly that which makes it so interesting and colourful. It is only because of this that we see a multitude of fish and find a large collection of the most diverse types of coral, topped by the large fish in the open water.
The reef top of Abu Kafan is at a depth of three metres and the actual diving area is between ten and thirty metres. After that, it drops off steeply and one can sometimes feel a little queasy or dizzy here, even though we cannot really fall.

Bigeyes and shoals of barracuda welcome us, as do grey reef sharks, whitetip reef sharks and hammerhead sharks. The last three do not show up here as often as some turtles, but that is what makes it so exciting. Soft corals, gorgonians and black corals complete the picture at Abu Kafan perfectly.


  • The southern erg: It is particularly colorful, full of life and definitely worth visiting to explore. This erg is at a depth of approx. 18 metres and is connected to the reef.

map Dive Plans

Drift dive

If the conditions allow it, we start at the northern plateau and do a drift dive along the eastern or western wall, depending on the current and the position of the sun. On this dive we have a very good chance of seeing some large predatory fish in the blue water.

South plateau

We start from the anchorage and dive to the southern Erg, which is infinitely colorful and diverse. We go around it and also inspect the connection with the reef at a depth of 18 meters. If the current allows it, we can make a detour to the east or west reef wall. Then it's back to the boat.